18 May 2011

So I thought I’d share some of the items that I try to keep in my kitchen at all times. Here are some Loratastic staples: eat this almost every single morning, on a bagel thin with farmer’s market jam. I have yet to become bored by it, and it’s been probably six months. Peanut Butter & Co makes lots of fabulous flavors – my other favorite is Dark Chocolate Dreams. awesome friend Meghan turned me on to this – Simply Grapefruit juice. I stock up on it when it goes on sale. It’s a nice sweet/tart treat, and I don’t have to worry about added sugar and chemicals like in so many “light” juices I’ve drank in the past. The only ingredient is grapefruit juice.

Here’s something else I eat almost every day – Tofurky deli slices. I put 5 slices (13g protein for 100 calories!) on a sandwich thin, with Nayonaise, lettuce, and a slice of cheese. Another meal of which I never become bored. I know you carnivores might cringe at the thought of vegan lunchmeat (also the name is silly), but I don’t miss deli lunchmeat at all. To me, this stuff tastes like the real deal.

I love Greek yogurt. It’s so much tastier than “regular” yogurt, and also not at all horrifying. Have you ever read the ingredient list of the Yoplait yogurt? You’ll notice that the website fails to include the ingredient list. Could be because high fructose corn syrup is the fourth ingredient in most (if not all) of those flavors, and suger is the second ingredient. I used to buy these all the time, because they were constantly 20 for $10, and all I looked at was the calories. I’m glad I read a bit more now.

I also use plain Greek yogurt to make a fantastic and healthy ranch dressing. Stop buying reduced-fat ranch dressing and make your own. You’ll reduce your fat intake and up your protein all at once. All you need is this:

plain Greek yogurt + olive oil mayonnaise + dill weed + onion powder + garlic powder

I mix it to taste – your measurements may differ from mine – and I only make enough for what I am about to eat. It tastes way better than reduced-fat ranch dressings I’ve tried – in fact, reduced-fat ranch never tasted right to me. It makes me wonder what chemicals were trying to imitate the taste of full fat.

I highly reccommend the Chobani & Oikos brands. I have yet to try the Fage brand, which I also hear is great. Avoid the Yoplait & Dannon brands – they are cheap imitations and contain all the crap one is trying to avoid by switching to Greek. The better brands are worth the cost, believe me – your health is worth the extra cash.

I have to be careful when I drink Almond Breeze chocolate almond milk, because OMFG IT’S SO GOOD. It tastes like dessert. You can see why this is dangerous. A lot of times I will mix a bit of this with another staple: Giant Eagle Organic Vanilla Soymilk. The almond milk doesn’t contain much protein on its own, so mixing it with vanilla soymilk is a great way to drink what is esentially a healthy milkshake.

I’m always looking for more – what are your current healthy kitchen staples?

7 Responses to Staples

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  2. you’re killing me with that peanut butter. MAN.

    • loratastic says:

      OMG I love it. Seriously. Are you able to eat something like this – not raw, but still vegan, and also gluten-free? 2 out of 3! I know from stalking your blog that you’ve made your own almond butter. I’ve actually been curious as to whether non-raw foods are in your diet.

      • I do eat non-raw foods, but I usually don’t talk about it on AtV just to keep the focus, ya know?
        On a percentage I’d say that about 95 (give or take a few) percent of my diet is raw, with the exception of:
        peanut butter, french fries (only when we go out – can you say “weakness”?), rice cakes, and the occasional rice pasta. Oh, and I love me some chips too – but I’m one of those people who could eat a whole bag in one sitting, so I try not to have them around too often.
        Gah – sorry to be so long winded…you didn’t really ask for all of this info!

      • loratastic says:

        I love long-winded! And I totally asked for all that info.

        I have to be careful about what I keep in the house too – especially chips. I started buying Popchips – that way if I eat the whole bag it’s not as awful as Doritos or something like that. And I love french fries too… another dangerous food for me. I’ve been placating my fry obsession by baking sweet potato fries at home. Not the same, but it’s still good because it tastes like dessert at the same time!

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