Post-Workout Noms

Banana + Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter

I made this discovery over the weekend, after I had just finished doing Yoga Meltdown. I was starving, but I desperately needed to shower before preparing any sort of lunch. I needed something substantial, quick,  and easy. I had one banana left on the counter and was reaching for the plain peanut butter when I saw the chocolate variety. I realized that this would totally taste like a dessert.

Banana = fast energy replacement (carbohydrates) & possibly prevent muscle cramps

Peanut butter = carbohydrates & protein for restoring glycogen used during workout

Chocolate = OMFG YAY!!!

Banana + chocolate peanut butter also, of course, will make you thirsty. Sometimes I don’t drink enough water after working out, so this is a great trick for making yourself replace the water that you sweat out.

I find this post-workout nom to be win/win/win. Filling, health-tastic, encourages hydration. Also IT TASTES LIKE DESSERT. What more is needed to convince you? Winning!

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