Pizza: Fast, Easy… and Healthy?

Sometimes you just HAVE to eat pizza.

Sometimes your brain doesn’t give a crap if you’re trying to maintain a steady, healthy diet. My brain, it seems, is particularly adept at convincing me that unless I eat a certain “bad” food, I will just stop existing. There will be days, nay, WEEKS, that my brain will tell me over and over AND OVER that I must eat Chipotle, or else the universe will implode. And that’s just not something for which I want to be responsible.

Just this past week I tried tricking myself. I should realize that this will never work – I’m trying to trick myself, which means MYSELF IS IN ON THE SECRET, YOU MORON. Until I develop schizophrenia, I finally realized that this isn’t going to work.

Anyway. I tried making a healthy version of my preferred Chipotle burrito bowl. I usually get carnitas, extra rice, no beans, cheese, extra sour cream (shame!), and guacamole. It’s glorious. I have actually had luck in the past creating my Lora Chipotle to satisfy the craving, but in this instance, I lacked several of the vital ingredients. Undeterred, I bludgeoned ahead and sadly ended up with Crappy Lora Chipotle. It was very meh. Also, the next morning, my insides were all LOL YOU ATE WHITE RICE. It was ouchy.

At any rate, I have finally managed to make healthy eating into a habit, a way of life. I no longer crave gooey greasy pepperoni pizza with cheese melting all over the place. (I just had a “who am I??” moment after re-reading that sentence.) My pizza craving has evolved into something a bit healthier. And! I have begun looking forward to reasonable portions, rather than eating an entire pizza by myself.

I picked up some pesto at Whole Foods a couple months ago with a general idea of using it with pasta. When I realized just how massive the calorie count would be for that sort of dish, the pesto stayed in the refrigerator. Until last week.

I was trying to figure out my dinner plan ahead of time, because I have learned that if I don’t have a specific plan in mind, I set myself up for failure. Also for a stop at Chipotle on my way home, and that cannot be a nightly occurrence.

Introducing my new favorite pizza:

I took a sandwich thin, spread a bit of basil pesto on each slice, and then sprinkled a bit of vegan mozzarella over it. I chopped up some fresh spinach and added a generous layer. After cooking some mushrooms in olive oil, I added those and then topped each mini-pizza with a bit more vegan mozzarella. The whole thing sat under the broiler for a couple minutes and presto – healthy & fast pizza for one!

It was excellent! Two mini-pizzas were more than enough for a satisfying & healthy dinner. I added a glass (or bottle) of my favorite wine and had a lovely evening with Netflix and the kittens.

Since then I’ve made another variation, which actually is probably closer to being bruschetta rather than pizza, but really – the options are endless. The next time you’re thinking pizza for dinner, don’t call up the local pizza chain. Think about what you have in your own kitchen and get creative! You also have the added bonus of knowing exactly what is in your dinner.

What’s your favorite kind of pizza?

4 Responses to Pizza: Fast, Easy… and Healthy?

  1. Rachel says:

    Pizza is my downfall. I freaking love the stuff. This looks tasty though! Thanks for the idea.
    In the food craving line of thought, I heard this recently on the news and think it is pretty fascinating:
    I plan on imagine-eating an entire pizza tomorrow afternoon.

    • loratastic says:

      Sounds delicious! I don’t think I’ve honestly ever tried this technique in regards to curbing cravings. Mainly because I feel it would be torture to imagine eating without actually tasting. I have tried to hold onto the bad feelings after an unhealthy meal. One post-Chipotle dinner had me in pain for three full days, and I used that memory (and week-long weight-loss stagnation) to keep myself from indulging for a while.

  2. Mayra Norelli says:

    This has nothing to do with pizza. I just want you to know that I think you are super hysterical. I’ve only read two of your blogs (or whatever this is called) and think you may be on to “Sh*t my Dad Says” style greatness so keep it up!!

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