Farmer’s Market Saturdays – #012

The last Saturday of May welcomed the return of the Ligonier Country Market! To say I’ve been looking forward to it since the fall closing day is not an exaggeration. I missed having my Saturday morning ritual: supporting local farmers, seeing vendors who have become friends, and just feeling good about the whole experience.

The day started early, because I like to scout the vendor booths before the opening bell sounds. That way I get a jump on coveted produce, because they sell out really quickly. I picked up my best friend Meghan and we prepared to to some damage!

We experienced a pretty mild winter in western Pennsylvania, so there was much more produce available than opening day of last year’s market. I was pleasantly surprised to find so much! I was prepared to ooh and ahh at the pretty flowers but ended up buying a lot of vegetables.

I picked up some carrots and beets from Fortiter Farm:

So far I’ve only juiced the carrots and beets, which was a first for me, and it turned out pretty tasty. I’ve read that juiced carrots and beets are really good for cleansing the liver, so I figure you can’t really lose. I’m also hoping to roast up some, if the heat ever breaks.

We stopped by to say hello to Brenda at The Berry Patch and of course, to pick up a raspberry pie. I originally thought I would take it to a picnic I was attending later in the day, then decided it was all mine, then decided I would probably overdose so I ended up taking it to the picnic. It was for the best, because the slice I had was ridiculously sinful. That pie would not have lived for long in my house. I also got some of Brenda’s blueberry lemonade, which is always a refreshing summer treat.

I snapped up a new basil plant, some asparagus, salmon, and an amazing apricot-filled cookie from Steel Penny Cakes. Their booth was set up right next to the vendor from whom I bought the asparagus, and I felt bad that our line was encroaching on their tent. I decided to buy a cookie to kind of make up for this… AND MY LIFE WAS FOREVER CHANGED. Seriously. I usually buy an apricot roll from the Pitaland booth, but I think Steel Penny Cakes wins out on the apricot deliciousness. That cookie didn’t survive the ride home.


Meghan found some beautiful daisies to brighten up her place:

Here’s the whole bounty I brought home!

It was a perfect opening day for the market (albeit a bit hot): there was cheer in the air and veggies all around. I’m so glad it’s market season again. Here’s to many more!

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